Valotoire Ventures is a venture capital fund based in France focused on investing in early-stage French companies in the deep tech space who have the ability to generate multiple high-quality patents per year.
This is a first-of-its kind approach to venture investing.


Patentable innovation
Valotoire focuses on investing in young (including pre-revenue) companies whose innovative, patentable technology forms the basis of their business models and competitive advantage.
For these companies, patenting ability serves as a proxy for business success.
Protecting core innovations early in a start-up’s lifecycle limits the downside risk normally associated with early stage investing and increases the probability of a start-up’s rapid growth and early business success.

Market match
Valotoire seeks to invest in young companies whose technology is not simply innovative and protectable, but whose technology meets needs of large markets globally.

Capable teams
Valotoire focuses on identifying founding teams who have the ability to execute growth strategies for their businesses and match their innovation with market needs.

Assisted growth
Valotoire aids those companies in whom we invest, in an active manner, to grow their patent portfolios and expand their business, particularly internationally.


Early vision
The Valotoire Ventures team is uniquely suited for investing in early stage high technology companies because of the specialized skillsets and experience of the team. The team’s key differentiating factor is its ability to identify the best early stage investments in a deliberate and targeted manner.
The core of early stage technology investing relies on the ability to evaluate, at the outset, the value and viability of new technologies and their applicability to relevant economic markets. This is a specialty of the Valotoire Ventures team.
The team’s collective skillset and direct experience includes: engineering, patent, R&D, legal, business, finance, management, and entrepreneurship, coupled with diverse and deep technical knowledge.

Differentiated evaluation
The team has developed an innovative evaluation methodology to efficiently ascertain the soundness of early-stage technology investments.
The team’s methodology has resulted in identifying, with a high degree of accuracy, a number of successful companies in France at very early stages in their lifecycles.

Domestic focus — International outlook
The team has worked together in France for several years and has developed strong relationships in the relevant ecosystems in this very innovative, technologically savvy, and entrepreneurial country.
The team also consists of multiple nationalities (including French and U.S.) with experience living and working in France, the U.S., Germany, and the U.K. In addition to providing a diversity of outlook. This international experience also affords the Valotoire team with an international network, which aids companies in their international growth.