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  • Valotoire Ventures makes early stage (Seed and Series A) investments in highly-innovative French technology start-ups. Specifically, we invest in start-ups who have developed (and continue to develop) leading-edge technologies which satisfy pressing market needs.
  • We focus on identifying and investing in companies with the ability to generate multiple high-quality patents per year. In our experience, patenting ability serves as a proxy for success for early-stage technology companies.
  • We also seek to identify founders with the ability to match their protectable technology with needs of global markets.


  • Valotoire takes an active role in building international patent portfolios for companies in which we invest. We do this by actively aiding founders in identifying and patenting (globally and with the highest quality) key innovations for the benefit of their businesses.


  • We also aid founders in growing and expanding their businesses globally. With key innovations protected, young companies are better positioned to secure additional funding at later stages, to engage more freely with potential customers, and to better compete with (or partner with) larger competitors. The Valotoire team also leverages its international network to support companies in their global business growth.